A Fresh Look at the Micro Touch Max – Efficient Money-Saving Personal Trimmer or Trash?

Published: 16th May 2012
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The Micro Touch Max promises to get rid of all kinds of unwanted hair with minimal effort. That doesn’t seem too tall an order, does it? Let’s see.

Everyone looks and feels great the first few days after a fresh haircut, but after a week or two, the hair starts to grow back and you do not feel as great as you did when the haircut was fresh. Now, according to the producers of this light weight personal trimmer, you can have that fresh feeling all of the time. You can remove unwanted hair without the pain or wasting a lot of time. Keep your face and neck as clean as though you just visited the barber shop everyday!

For those that have trouble keeping that clean-cut look this tool is the perfect solution. All too often, a short time after having a haircut, you need extra trimming around the ears, at the sideburns or on your neck. Rather than having to put up with unwanted hair or going for costly trims more often than you care to, the Micro Touch Max claims to have helped thousands of men get rid of the unwanted, unsightly hair easily and painlessly. The newly designed trimmer allows men that are meticulous about their clean cut look to keep that look with precision, and without spending a lot of money or time on their grooming.

The majority of people who have purchased the Micro Touch Max seem to agree that it is lightweight and easy to handle, making trimming their own hair very simple, helping them to save time and money. Most men like the padded grip that it comes with, reducing the risk of the trimmer slipping out of their hands and causing cuts or gashes. Other people have stated that using this trimmer eliminates costly visits to the barbershop for them, since they can now perfect their own haircuts at home. Before the Micro Touch Max it was hard to get that clean cut look because the standard hair trimmer does not make perfect cuts in small areas such as around side burns around near the ears, but now they can take care of their own buzz cuts at home with clean areas around the ears and neck.

Consumer reviews of the Micro Touch Max were generally happy with the convenience and ability of this unique trimmer to trim up areas such as eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair. All of these areas have a tendency to grow unwanted, unsightly hair that is difficult to maintain. Many men do not want to frequent a salon or spa for waxing in such areas, so these men state that the Micro Touch Max has eliminated this need for them, allowing them to take care of personal grooming at home. Well – read on – at least while the product still works anyway.

Some men are just hairy than others. The Micro Touch Max can help those men that have unwanted arm, back or chest hair remove it quickly and painlessly. This is a trimmer that is safe to the touch, yet does a tough enough job for even the hairiest chest or back. This allows men who refuse to go get a back wax the ability to get rid of back hair that might be bothersome or unsightly, especially for their partners.

The Overall Feeling
Most men agree that the Micro Touch Max does exactly what it is supposed to do – get rid of unwanted hair with ease. With very little cost and minimal effort, men can have the clean cut, groomed look that they desire without ever stepping foot in a salon, spa or barbershop.

There were however, some complaints saying the Micro Touch Max mechanism wears out sometime after about a year of use, however, that can be said about many similar products costing significantly more and considering the accessible price of this product, we feel that many men may be happy to overlook that. There was also one complaint saying that his order had arrived DOA (dead on arrival) but that a working replacement was sent fairly quickly.

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